Evgeny Korolev


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Betagte Leuten

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What can be funnier then looking at photos of your childhood? 

These days never repeat! Take a chance to freeze the time!


Photos in natural light make such a difference! 

Your best places will be with you in pictures we make!


Family together!

You can feel these moments as if they happened just yesterday every time you look at the photos!


Your pets can express unexpected interest in taking pictures. Let us try and make them real actors!

Wer bin ich?

I was born in Moscow. My life in the Soviet Union was very well cared by my parents and grand mother. I had a luxury of a cinema camera and a photo camera with all equipment for the dark room processing. The „room“ was actually the single bathroom. So in the times I enjoyed my photo hobby the whole family had to postpone taking a shower or do washing. I was feeling extremely happy when I printed a photo of my classmates with a scene of our school life. With years the passion to take photos of people surrounding me was getting only stronger.
I am married and have two sons, they are already grown up and I can spend more time doing what I really like in my free of full time job.
One of my long-term projects was finished in 2017. I completed my Jakobsweg journey in Switzerland. It took me about five years to go on weekends or holidays from Konstanz to the French border west of Geneva. I took about 10'000 photos along about 550 km.


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